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Texas Girls: Lisa


If you have been around me for any length of time you might have heard me talk about my group of friends from Texas. Each friend came into my life one by one, shortly after my mother had died back in 1986. I call them my “Texas Girls”. These friendships became more like sisters, creating a sisterhood lasting now over three decades.


If you have your own siblings you know that each play an essential role in the family group dynamic. I myself had brothers, however if I had sisters I assume the roles would go like this. There would be the sister who kept you grounded, the one who always makes you laugh and the one who took on the role of mom. Then there is the sister who is very independent, does not call much, however when you see her, it is as if no time has passed and always ready for a party. The youngest sister, would be the one always trying to get everyone to take her seriously and not treat her like the baby.

Then there is that sister, the one everyone calls so sweet. Who has a heart so big, it overflows. Who has a smile so big, it lights up the room. She has your back while never taking sides. She is sad when we all fight, always trying to keep harmony. She rarely says a harsh word, not one cuss word spoken. She is kind to all humans and would adopt every animal she found if you let her. She is always the peacemaker. This was Lisa.

Lisa passed away on October 1, 2018, one month ago today. Still does not seem real. My mind understands she has gone, but my heart says she is in Texas waiting for us to plan for that next reunion. When we saw her in the spring of 2017 she didn’t seem to be her normal upbeat self, her smile wasn’t as bright. We sat with her and shared stories of the good ole days and after awhile, you could see a small glimpse of that old spark in her eyes. We even got up and tried to do some of our old dance moves, which was a sight for sure, and we laughed until our sides hurt once again. We hugged her tightly and told her we loved her. One of the “sisters” shared with me recently that I turned to her as we were leaving and said “I feel like this might be the last time we see Lisa”. Sure enough, it was.

The first time I met Lisa is still so vivid in my mind. Back then, we usually met at someones apartment before heading out. A friend of ours brought her along to our meeting point. I still see her standing there with her larger than life smile, wavy blonde hair, and her wild print biker shorts, something we were all wearing back in the 80’s. I asked her where she went to school and she replied “The University of Houston”. I screamed with excitement since I was also going there and probably said something like “We are going to best friends!” And after that one by one, our friendships started and we began our bonds lasting over thirty years.


We always went places together and if Lisa happened to be bar tending that night, we would go hang out beside her bar. We spent hours and hours dancing the night away at 6400, Xcess, or Power Tools. We ate more crawfish then I care to think of at Sam’s Boat. We went to Depeche Mode, The Cure and even Madonna concerts. We wore out our VHS copies of The Lost Boys and Less Than Zero. Drove many many  miles to the beach on Sunday afternoons. We laughed until our sides hurt and cried many tears. We were all so young and full of so many different dreams.


We moved through our thirties seeing each other at reunions or attending weddings. By our forties, the reunions became smaller, life became so busy. However our sisterhood bonds never broke. We would have group chats, sharing the same old stores that never got old. Just like sisters I assume, some of us were closer at different times of our lives, but that never broke our sister bonds. Each time we were all together, whether it was on social media, the telephone or in person, we all picked up right were we left off, as if no time had passed at all.

Beautiful Lisa, our Texas Girl, each of our hearts are broken from this tragic sudden loss. We are all so sad we couldn’t say goodbye. So we will hold on to all the many memories, keep them close to our hearts and your spirit will live on.

Lisa, I hope you knew how loved and special you were to each of us. We will capture your smile in our minds and any time we have trouble forgiving one another, we will hold on to your idea of harmony and how important it was to you.

So for now, we have to say goodbye but only until we meet again for the biggest reunion yet.

We will always and forever love you and are all better people for having you in our lives. Rest easy sweet Lisa, I know you’re at peace now. ❤️